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December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Correcting the Distortion

When things get distorted, we go to the person who can help us get it right. When the car is in an accident, we go to the auto body shop; when the roof leaks, we find a roofer. But who do we go to when we find our purpose in life has been distorted? The answer is Jesus.

We were created in God’s image, and as such intended to live out God’s purposes in our lives. Satan, however, God’s enemy who is filled with hatred for God, tries to distort God’s purposes in his creation. What better place to do that than in people—the apex of God’s creation.

After the night when Jesus calmed the storm, he and his disciples landed on the opposite shore. There they met a scary looking and even stranger acting man, who wore no clothes and lived in a graveyard (Luke 8:26-39). The reason behind his bizarre behavior was that he was demon- possessed.

The poor man’s existence was miserable. He cried out and cut himself in an attempt to get relief from these unclean spirits who controlled him. No doubt he had infections and chronic pain from the constant torturing of his own body. Like a wild animal, the man was naked and filthy, unrestrainable, frightening anyone who came near him.

Deep inside, the man longed to be free from the repulsive demons. No one could do anything for him—that is until Jesus came on the scene. When Jesus asked the man his name, the demons replied “Legion,” which meant he was possessed by a multitude of evil spirits. Jesus sent the evil spirits out and into a herd of pigs feeding nearby. The pigs were undoubtedly startled by the demons and stampeded headlong over a cliff into the Sea of Galilee.

Luke then describes the man free of the demons sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed and in his right mind (Luke 8:35). The destruction of the pigs and disappearance of the demons marked the transformation of the lunatic man. One word from Jesus had set him free and restored his sanity.

No matter what trap you find yourself in, be it some kind of addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography, Jesus can change you. No matter how much God’s image in you has been distorted, Jesus can restore it. Jesus can heal and transform your life the way he did in this man.

We often had our propane gas cylinders stolen at the Bible School in Argentina where we ministered until we built a fence. When we had several stolen, I would go to the villa (getto) and buy the cylinders back. I would say, “El dueno ha venido a comprar lo suyo” (the owner has come to buy back what is his). This is what Jesus did for us when he went to the cross. His death can atone for all our sin and give us back our God-given purpose in life. Jesus corrects the distortion sin has caused in our lives.

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