"Responsive Parenting" by Boyd D. Brooks

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Parenting can be a daunting task.

Many parents find themselves disconnected from their children and overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. There are two basic approaches to parenting that can be used— reactive parenting and responsive parenting.

Reactive parenting, so prevalent in today’s society, is done in reaction to something, whether a whining child or a parent’s own anxiety. It is impulsive and produces poor results. On the other hand, Responsive Parenting is a principled approach to parenting. It emphasizes the importance of preparing children for adulthood. Boyd Brooks uses several themes to help parents build self-esteem and confidence in their children and help them discover who they were meant to be.

Through forgiveness, self-control, respect, responsibility, accountability, humility, kindness, generosity, industry and faith a responsive parenting style is developed. When these principles are taught and lived, it produces: accessibility, clarity, balance, connection, authenticity, resolution, modeling, and resiliency. More on these principles.

Whether you are a new parent, seasoned parent, or grandparent, reading this book will give you the confidence to always work hard to keep your family healthy and connected.

"Responsive parenting is
parenting with the long view."

- Boyd D. Brooks

About the Author

Boyd Brooks has been in ministry for over thirty years as a missionary in Argentina and a pastor in Puerto Rico and Missouri. He has a doctorate in psychology and is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Missouri. From his many years of counseling families, he has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Boyd and his wife, Marilyn, have been married for forty-six years and have three grown children and seven grandchildren. His family has been his greatest priority in life, and so he has made helping families the center of his ministry.

  • Robert J. Strand
    A very specific how-to-do-it book on responsible parenting! This author speaks from experience as a counseling professional, pastor, and parenting…Get the book and read the book and apply the book. The results will be measurable today as well as tomorrow!
    Robert J. Strand
    author and former pastor of 30 years
  • Dr. George Wood
    If you are a parent with growing children, you will want to read this insightful book. It will help you be a better parent!
    Dr. George Wood
    former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God
  • David A. Ellis
    I have known Boyd and his family for over 20 years. He is a respected missionary colleague, pastor, husband, and father. His book, Responsive Parenting, is a biblical and timely defense of the family at a time when this institution is intensely under attack. Each chapter is helpful to parents, grandparents, and those that might teach on the family, the raising of children, and parenting.
    David A. Ellis
    Director Latin America Caribbean AGWM
  • Pastor and Mrs. Charles R. Spencer
    We have known him from his teen years and have worked alongside him throughout his ministry. Boyd’s has always been very aggressive serving his Lord, the ministry, and his family. His work and the impact of all that God has called him to perform, shows for itself in lasting results not only in lives he has ministered to but especially in his family who are all serving God today.
    Pastor and Mrs. Charles R. Spencer
    Riverdale Assembly of God, Riverdale, CA
  • Gustavo Rizzo
    In Responsive Parenting, Pastor Brooks reaffirms through Scripture and with concrete cases of his vast experience as a missionary, pastor, and counselor that these biblical truths can and should—perhaps like never before—be believed and learned. Here is a tool that equips us for the great task of being parents: a handy, easy-to-read reference manual and great text for Bible Institutes.
    Gustavo Rizzo
    teacher and pastor of Centro Familiar de Adoración, Mississauga, Canada

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