Responsive Parenting Seminar

Reactive parenting is like putting out fires, but there is always another fire to deal with because it is impulsive. Responsive parenting is thoughtful, creating an orderly but also warm and accepting atmosphere in the home.

In the seminar, Pastor Boyd demonstrates the striking differences between reactive and responsive parenting. He uses illustrations and words pictures to help his listeners grasp the concept. Anyone can change a reactive parenting style if you want to, but first, you have to understand what it is that needs changing. In the seminar, parents are motivated to change when they see the benefits of responsive parenting. When parents understand the essential components that make the fertile soil so children can flourish, they are more than willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Parents are ready to take the leap and learn to be responsive when encouraged and inspired to believe they can do it.

Connection brings life to a family and that is what happens when parents and children connect. The seminar focuses on how to repair that broken connection and stay connected. Children have an amazing ability to learn when parents are consistent and authentic.

One of the most important parts of the seminar is the open forum where people feel free to share their questions and their experiences. Forgiveness and overcoming shame is extremely important in responsive parenting. Pastor Boyd welcomes questions and feedback so this topic is often the climax of the seminar.