February 24, 2021
Crianza con Perspectiva
February 24, 2021
February 24, 2021
Crianza con Perspectiva
February 24, 2021

Parenting with Perspective

Parenting with perspective means you have a long-term view in mind. It is working to prepare your child from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. Here are some principles that produce positive outcomes:

Principles & Outcomes

Principle: Conviction is a moral system that can determine right from wrong.

Outcome: Integrity is being honest and trustworthy.

Script: (Good guy or bad guy) (Wile Coyote or the Roadrunner)


Principle: Availability means you are there for your child.

Outcome: Accessibility is the closeness that we feel with our parents growing up.

Script: (Here or not here?) (Rock or fog)


Principle: Forgiveness is when parents forgive each other and their children.

Outcome: Clarity means making meaning out of chaos.

Script: (Let go, or hang on) (Butterfly or a Bull dog) 


Principle: Self-Control is when children see restraint in their parents.

Outcome: Balance is dealing with negative/positive emotions in helpful ways.

Script: (Got this or not) (in the cup or out of the cup)


Principle: Value for each person with the absence of prejudice.

Outcome: The ability to form connections and make relationships meaningful.

Script: (The same or not the same) (We all bleed the same, right?)


Principle: Courage is the ability to face pivotal moments in life with boldness.

Outcome: Overcoming fear as a result of learning to be courageous.

Script: (Stand or run?)  (Lion or kitten)


Principle: Dependency on God is the ability to trust God in difficult situations.

Outcome: Knowing that God is sovereign and can make good out of bad.

Script: (Hanging on or not) (Staying put or running away?)


Principle: Unconditional love that does not change even when we fail.

Outcome: Acceptance is God’s way of freeing us from our shame.

Script: (If’s or no if’s) (Carinal or a coyote?)


Principle: Patiently remaining steady, waiting for results without panic.

Outcome: Contentment allows the child to delay self-gratification.

Script: (Steady or not) (Turtle or rabbit)


Principle: Authenticity means consistency and ownership of one’s mistakes.

Outcome: Modeling personifies the roles of husband, wife, mother, or father.

Script: (Real or fake) (The Real McCoy or an imposture)


Principle: The importance of relationships matters more than material objects.

Outcome: Resolution is the work of resolving conflict with the people that matter.

Script: (People or things) (Gold or Fool’s gold)


Principle: The ability to apply enthusiasm to any task gives a sense of purpose.

Outcome: Resiliency helps us overcome disappointment and learn new things.

Script: (All or nothing) (Off the fence or on the fence)


Principle: Respect for authority helps the child to be teachable.

Outcome: The quality of humility which gives insight and common sense.

Script: (Asking or telling?) (Banny Rooster or Lamb?)


Principle: Responsibility is the best way to develop one’s autonomy.

Outcome: Autonomy: The development of the personality and accountability.

Script: (Yours or Mine?)  (Penguin or a Lizard)

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