June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

The Maternal Bond

God made the bonding that happens between a mother and her child. The impact of that mother-child bonding is incredible. She lovingly meets the child’s needs and soothes and calms the baby in a way no other person can do (ask Dad). During this infant stage, the child learns the mother’s voice and responds to it significantly. This bond that gives security and love becomes the foundation for stable adult life for that child. Her influence is of the utmost importance to the child’s normal and healthy development. Her love accomplishes what no father or any other substitute could do. Research shows that the first few years of a child’s life contribute to the personality, intelligence, and emotional stability of the person’s entire life. The child’s brain develops faster and becomes more active with the maternal interactions, causing the child’s personality to blossom. The children who are denied this incredible experience suffer adverse effects throughout their life.

You mothers shape the child before he or she ever sits under a teacher. You are there when the child needs you the most. When those little children need answers to the fundamental questions of life, they naturally go to you. God meant it to be that way. You are the one that sets the tone for that home when the children are young and impressionable like soft clay. When the kids are down or facing a problem, you are the one they pour out their hearts. It’s a mother’s love that encourages each child to be who they were meant to be.

I realize that my love for people, my boldness, and my desire to help people came from my mother. She may have had her imperfections, but loving her family and putting them first wasn’t one of them. She was compassionate with her family and to others.

My mother also knew when to let her kids go and encourage them to follow their dreams. When I was seventeen, my mother took me to catch a bus bound for Los Angeles, California, where I would leave for Guyana, South America, for two months. As the bus pulled away, I could see her in the car fighting her tears. That two months changed my life, and I am grateful for a mother who let me go and prayed for God’s will in my life.

My mother is now with Jesus, but her legacy lives in my life and my children. I am thankful to God for a wonderful mother and that my wife has been that same kind of mother to our children. If we ever needed mothers, it is today. Your role in our society and our culture is essential.

(Parenting with a Long View)

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