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November 2, 2021
Reasons to be Thankful
December 9, 2021

Five Reasons to Believe in Jesus

Jesus’ enemies did not want to believe in him even though he performed never before heard of miracles. When Jesus claimed that he was God and that God was his father—it was too much for the Jewish leaders. Jesus then gave them five reasons to believe in him (John 5:31-44).

Jesus said that the Father had validated him. At Jesus’ baptism, the Father spoke and said, “This is my Son in Whom I am well pleased.” Secondly, John the Baptist had validated Jesus. John was a forerunner of Jesus, announcing that he was the promised Messiah. John had a powerful ministry, and his sole purpose was to glorify Jesus, and he did it well. Thirdly, Jesus said look at the miracles see the validation from these incredible signs of the blind receiving sight and the lame walking. Fourthly, the Old Testament scriptures validated Jesus. There were hundreds of prophecies about Jesus, and one by one, Jesus was fulfilling them. He was born in Bethlehem and by a virgin. That prophecy was made 900 years before Jesus’ birth.  Lastly, Moses represented the Law to the Jews, and even Moses had prophesied the coming of Jesus. All of this validation and yet the Jewish leaders could not accept that Jesus was the Son of God.

Why could the enemies of Jesus not see the overwhelming evidence of Jesus’ authenticity? It was because of their reception. Our reception to Jesus and His Word determines our growth as Christian and our eternal destiny.

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