Confrontation is Essential
February 7, 2023
Run to God
March 8, 2023

We Are Not Alone

I once watched a video of a little bear cub playing by himself. Then suddenly, he hears the growl of a mountain lion. He looks and screams with uncontrollable fear and runs away as fast as he can. But the lion can run faster, and he feels the lion gaining ground. The cub sees a fallen tree extended over a rushing stream, but the tree is high in the air, and the stream is far below. He is reluctant to cross the stream. But he looks back at the lion and realizes he has no choice but to try and cross the stream on the tree. With apprehension, the cub makes its way to the end of the tree but sees it does not reach the other side. The lion follows him. And when it seems he has reached his end, the tree suddenly breaks off, and the cub is swept away by the fierce current below.

The lion follows on the shore, always keeping sight of his next meal. The lion jumps to some rocks in the middle of the stream, where he can wait for this prey to come to him. The cub works to get to the far side but finds the lion has followed him and instantly pounced on him. He is defenseless against such a powerful foe.

Then suddenly, the lion retreats. You wonder what in the world happened? Then, on the shore appears a giant bear standing on two legs, mad enough to tear that lion apart. The cub runs to his mama, and she comforts him.

We have all been chased by the lion, stricken by panic and forced to find a way to escape. We have all been plunged into the water of doubt. We have all been slapped by the enemy who says, “I have you now!” We have all felt that feeling of helplessness! Then we have all heard the roar of our Lord Jesus—and have watched the enemy flee. At first, we were startled and wondered what had just happened, and then we looked, and it was the Lion of Judah who said leave my child alone! We are not alone! He is with us!

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