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May 26, 2023
Missed Opportunities
May 26, 2023

Thanks Mom

There is just something about how a mother cares for her children that helps a child. Her insight into what the child is going through and her empathy causes the child to flourish. Mothers possess an innate understanding and insight into their child’s emotions and needs, which enables them to provide the right kind of care and support at the right time. You have heard that saying, “Mom has eyes in the back of her head,” well it’s more like x-ray vision. She knows when they feel lonely, rejected, or confused. Her love and willingness to listen are the best antidotes that a child could receive against those powerful emotions. A mother even helps a father be a better father by showing him what he cannot see on his own. This has been the case with my wife. She has always seen what I could not see and given me opportunities to support my children. My wife has helped to build the respect of my children for me.

There are unique windows that children go through as they enter the world and grow up—and if that mother recognizes those windows, good things happen to that child. She has intuitions that are God given to help her understand and guide that child through difficult times. The mother’s understanding validates the child’s sense of importance. The child thinks, “My mom knows me and loves me.”

Today we thank God for every mother giving of herself to her family. We all are the beneficiaries of her love and care. She has helped to provide us with the opportunities to flourish.

Mothers, we love you! Mothers, you deserve our respect, gratitude, and recognition for your tireless efforts in caring, loving, and serving your families. We don’t recognize you nearly enough, but today we say thanks for caring, loving, and putting your family first.

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